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Installation of the WLAN Card

By Hitzestau - 06.08.2017

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Yesterday, we focused on the WLAN. For the motherboard (Gigabyte Z97N-WiFi) we had ordered an additional WLAN / Bluetooth card with an adapter for the mini-PCI-Express slot, as well as four longer antenna cables.

That’s the way the card is supposed to fit into the slot on the motherboard. But it was a bit loose, so we had to look for a solution.

The simplest solution was to carefully apply some hot glue on the edge of the inserted card.

Now, the card can no longer fall out of the slot or get loose, even if the motherboard is in its vertical position inside the chassis at the end.

The four holes on the backside of chassis were drilled at the same metal workshop, which had also made the metal plate for the aquaero assembly. Now, it was time to install the WLAN- and Bluetooth antennas.

In the end, we installed the motherboard inside the chassis and connected the antennas. After all the preparatory work and waiting time in the last weeks, this was a good sign – the assembly of the system is finally going forward.