Projekte Übersicht

Project Benchtable

A Benchtable of our own is the second water cooling project we are tackling. We take over a part of the components from our first system and show you here conversion and commissioning of the benchtable.

Number of Articles: 8

Project Hitzestau One

With this project everything started with us... here we have summarized the entire reporting around our first PC with water cooling.

Number of Articles: 23

Project Mäcki

Bringing old and new hardware together in a new water cooling PC was the idea of this project from the beginning. And this presents us with some challenges, which we will master step by step. And it gives us the opportunity to install a tube reservoir inside a chassis which we haven’t done for quite some time.

Number of Articles: 16

Project Shinobi XL

From the work during our extensive photo shooting with different water cooling components a powerful workstation has developed. Planning, assembly and commissioning are summarized here.

Number of Articles: 3

Red Devil

Ein rotes kompaktes Gehäuse ist der Ausgangspunkt für dieses Projekt. Der erste Schritt war der Einbau eines luftgekühlten Systems. Für die Wasserkühlung haben wir zuerst ein selber entworfenes Gehäuse vorgesehen gehabt, aber dann kam im Projektverlauf so ziemlich alles anders, als ursprünglich geplant.

Number of Articles: 22