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SSD and Cabling

By Hitzestau - 28.08.2017

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Before we could continue with the tubing, we had to take care of some other things. One of these was the installation of the two SSD in 2.5-inch format.

As SSD, we had decided on two Samsung SSD 850 Pro, because we had always had good experiences with them (and their predecessors) in recent years.

For the installation of SSD, the chassis provides two mounting points on the back. The SSD is screwed onto brackets, which are then held with a fixing screw on the backside of the chassis.

Next, we turned to the aquaero. To screw it into the fan grill at the top side of the chassis, we had made a small metal plate and sprayed it in black. Finally, could screw aquaero and plate together. We also used 4 small spacers to keep a little distance between plate and grill.

Here, the aquaero is already in its place, the left case fan and the 24pin cable from the mainboard are also installed.

What you do not see in the picture so clearly, is that it became very narrow inside the chassis. The numerous cables, which were connected to the aquaero and the motherboard used up a lot of space – sure, you have made the same experience.

And just above the motherboard, connecting all the cables was a real precision job, especially because the top radiator was still waiting for its installation.

Some cables were created from scratch, others were cut to the length needed. The black and red cable strings were taken over from an older PC project.

All the cabling, we tried to stow it at the back side of the chassis as good as we could, to make it look as tidy as possible.