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Pictures of the Complete System

By Hitzestau - 07.09.2017

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As promised, here are the final photos of the complete rig. But this not mean, that our project is finished. Assembling all components was only the first part, it will be followed by a review of the Heatkiller Tube from Watercool, which we installed.

Afterwards, we will install two operating systems – for this, we have the two separate Samsung SSD. Aside from Windows 10, we will also install macOS which means building a "hackintosh". We will then report on our experiences in the following articles.

But before we do that, let us first take a look back at the beginning of our project. In the very first post we presented our plan with two radiators, the Heatkiller tube and the installation of the aquaero at the upper ventilation grid. After the system is now complete, we can say: Our plan has worked: The aquaero is not visible from the front. However, the positioning of the radiators – and thus the tubing – has changed over the course of the project. The connectors of the top radiator now point to the rear of the chassis, those of the front radiator face down. This gave us a good opportunity to accommodate the mps flowmeter.

With the screws (for radiators, fans and mounting of the aquaero) it was important to us to have a uniform dark look with flange head screws. Although you cannot see them so well in the pictures, it makes an overall better impression than a collection of screws from different materials.

The Fractal Design Define S Window has proven itself as a good chassis. It is quite compact, but has enough space for our hardware, although reservoir and GPU are only a few milimeters apart. The back side of the chassis provides enough space for the entire cabling as well as two 2.5-inch SSD.

In retrospect, the placing and creating of the cables during the assembly of the system was the most time-consuming work, the tubing for the watercooling actually went quite fast.