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Installation of the New CPU Waterblock

By Hitzestau - 19.06.2017

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In the last post we had already begun to detach the "old" CPU Heatkiller III from the motherboard. Now we started to install the new CPU Heatkiller IV.

We began with removing the rest of the thermal compound on the CPU.

The back plate belongs on the backside of the motherboard.

All necessary screws and bolts are included in the shipment of the Heatkiller IV.

Here, the four so-called "studs" are screwed in. They are part of the "EasyMount System" from Watercool. Everything is described in detail in the assembly instructions for the Heatkiller IV.

After that, the new thermal compound is carefully applied...

...and spread evenly.

Here, our installation of the Heatkiller IV is completed. It was thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with distilled water beforehand. To protect it from any dust, we used two caps.

As far as the orientation of the waterblock is concerned, we would have preferred to have the OUT port facing right. This would have made the tubing a bit easier. But when mounted this way, the waterblock touches the small capacitors on the left side of the socket.