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Installation of the Front Radiator

By Hitzestau - 22.08.2017

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After a small compulsory break – parts of Archangel’s apartment were being repainted – we could continue with our PC project. Now, we were finally turning to the installation of the water cooling components. At the chassis front, we had a planned to have a 360-radiator with 6 fans. The reservoir (Heatkiller Tube with DDC-pump) should be mounted on the inside of the middle fan. We had tried this at the beginning of the project – now it was getting serious.

Since it is quite narrow in the chassis, we had to think about what to install when. First, we assembled the Heatkiller Tube completely, including the brackets to screw it directly on a 120er fan. We also put on the fittings for the tubing.

The mounting kit from Watercool makes it easy to mount the reservoir on top of a radiator as you can see below. We also installed the flowmeter on the left. From there, a tube will go up to the GPU.

The complete setup measures 18 centimetres in height.

We aligned the inlet on the top of the reservoir with the CPU cooler, so that the tube will pass beautifully straight through the chassis. However, we had to do this before we screwed the radiator in, because otherwise we could no longer reach the screws of the reservoir bracket to loosen them.

Here, the first tubing is done – from the pump directly to the radiator.