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Cleaning the Fans

By Hitzestau - 08.08.2017

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Yesterday, we had another cleaning job to do... the fans, which we wanted to use inside the chassis and on the radiators, had already been in use in a different project. As a result, they were very dusty. And with some, the label in the middle was beginning to peel off.

Here is our complete stack of red Phobya NB-eLoop fans:

The great thing about the NB e-loops is that the rotor blade and the rubber buffers in the corners can be removed easily.

Therefore, we could clean the parts easily with a brush, compressed air and dishwashing liquid. After that, we applied a drop of oil on the axis, so they would run smoothly again...

We peeled off the labels in the middle very carefully and used some simple UHU to glue them back on.

Now, all fans are ready to be used in our current project.