About Us

For over seven years we have been writing and publishing blog posts on technical topics and what is connected with them in everyday life under the name "Hitzestau".

We are a team of two people. On the blog we are called Archangel and Monk-Trader.

At the beginning we wanted to document the assembly of a water cooling system. This is also where our name "Hitzestau" comes from. It is the German word for heat accumulation: Monk-Trader had installed a new graphics card in his PC. The waste heat of the card accumulated inside the PC case because it could not be dissipated to the outside. The fans were unpleasantly loud and the processor as well as the motherboard were affected by the heat. All attempts with additional fans brought no improvement - so another solution had to be found. So we decided to install a watercooling inside the computer. Under the project name "Hitzestau One" we have summarized the entire reporting with worklog entries and photos.

When we had finished the project, the question arose how to proceed with the blog, because we had originally used the blog as a diary. Since we were generally interested in technology, we started to write about different technical topics and to test and review products.

This is how our blog developed and our motto "Living with technology" was born. For us, writing about technology not only means enumerating performance data and benchmarks, but also the emotions it awakens. In our blog posts we combine our passion for technology with our own everyday experiences and try to explain technically complex issues as simply as possible.